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Following the release of the 'Electric Cafe' album, 'Der Telefonanruf' / 'The Telephone Call' was chosen as a second single early in 1987.
For this single release, a radio edit was prepared (3.47 minutes). The 12" featured a long version (8.10 minutes) and a semi-instrumental remix titled 'Housephone' (4.54 minutes) and also the single version. On English-language pressings, 'Telephone Call' was the A-side, 'Der Telefonanruf' was the B-Side. This pattern was also used on the 12" release, with english and german long versions as the A-side.

As the album wasn't a big success, the second single wasn't released in as many countries as the first single, 'Musique non stop'.

7" and 12" releases are known from Germany, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA.
Unique is a 7" release from Ecuador and a 12" promo release from South Africa, playing only the long version. In the USA, a 7" promo single was pressed, using the english-language single version on both sides, but packaged in the regular single sleeve listing both language versions. a 12" promo single was also made in England.
Sadly for the collector, the sleeves used around the world were all the same, using the fitting german or english titles.

German 'Der Telefonanruf' single

UK 'The Telephone Call' single


Spanish 'Electric Cafe Edicion
Espanola' LP

Spanish 'Electric Cafe Edicion
Espanola' tape

US 'Hit It' compilation CD

There wasn't a regular third single taken from 'Electric Cafe', but in two countries, interesting variations turned up. In Spain, the album 'Electric Cafe' was issued in a second edition subtitled 'Edicion Espanola', featuring a spanish-language version of 'Sex Object'. 'Techno Pop' also concentrated on the spanish-language text on this pressing. It is not known if a single release was ever intended, but in the USA, some people at Warner Brothers gave thought to the idea of a third single release. A short version of 'Sex Object' (3.57 minutes) was featured on a promo-only CD compilation titled 'Hit It' along with a long mix by Joseph Watt (Razormaid). On the CD packaging, the impression is given that these tracks would be used on an imminent single release. Nothing ever happened, but the long version by Joseph Watt was also used on various Razormaid compilation albums.