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'The Robots' / 'Die Roboter' was the single preceeding the release of 'Man Machine / 'Die Mensch Maschine' in 1978. The single releases around the world were quite diverse, every local subsidiary of EMI/Capitol creating their own picture sleeve design - and their own edited single versions as well. The english-language single version most often used clocks in at 3.42, to be found on releases from Belgium, England, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands and Spain. The US edit, also timed at 3.42, is different (but the single has no sleeve). There is also a longer edit version available from England (4.02, matrix number 'SF 94843-1'). The German-language 'Die Roboter' single edit is unique at 4.20.

German 'Die Roboter' single, red vinyl edition

Belgian 'The Robots' single

UK 'The Robots' single

French 'The Robots' single

Italian 'The Robots' single

Japanese 'The Robots' single

Dutch 'The Robots' single

Spanish 'The Robots' single

Brazilian 'The Robots' 7"EP

Argentinian 'The Robots' promo label

Interesting releases of 'The Robots' came from Brazil - one a colourful four-track 7"EP, the other a promo-only 7" without cover. Both use the same unique edit version.
'Los Robots' from Argentina does not feature a spanish- language version, but a unique fade-out of the album cut of 'The Robots'. It does also not come with a picture sleeve.
The album version of 'The Robots' can also be found on a 1978 US promo-only 12" titled 'Kraftwerk's Disco Best' (no picture sleeve).


Kraftwerk used a remix of 'Die Roboter' / 'The Robots' in 1991 as a single for 'The Mix' album. The main medium for single releases was by now the CD single. Again, English and German-language versions were released, but the edits and mixes were, apart from the language used, the same all over the world. There was a short airplay 'Die Roboter' / 'The Robots' (3.43) and remixes named 'Robotnik' (7.41) and 'Robotronik' (4.51).

German 'Die Roboter' CD single

UK first 'The Robots' CD single

EMI UK added a bit more interest to this 1991 release by issuing a second version of the CD, 7" and 12" single sleeve a bit later in the pressing run. The UK cassette single wasn't re-done, though. There are also cassette singles from Australia and the US. 12" singles, all in sleeves using essentially the second UK design, were released in Spain and also the US. The US had two unique formats in a digipack CD single and a promo CD single (with back insert only). EMI-Electrola in Germany issued 7" and 12" (also as a plain-sleeved promo) singles in addition to the CD single. A 7" without a picture sleeve was issued in Australia.

UK second 'The Robots' CD single

Australian 'The Robots' cassette single

UK 'The Robots' Cassette single

US 'The Robots' Cassette single

UK second 'The Robots' 7"