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Radioaktivität / Radioactivity was the only single release taken from the 'Radioaktivität / Radioactivity album. Though being released with English and German titles, the singles always used the same mixed- language vocal (as on the album).There are in fact also only two single edits - one at 3.19, used on every single except the Italian release - a unique 4.00 edit can be found here.
Most of the international releases also used the same picture sleeve design, reproducing the album cover with amended titles. Possibly the rarest issue with picture sleeve has been released on the Disco Vox label in Turkey, shown on the right.

German 'Radioaktivität' single

Turkish 'Radioactivity' single

In addition to the more interesting single sleeves shown below, picture sleeves with the standard 'black radio set' design and english titles are also available from Belgium(red song title), France (two different backsides), England and the US. Pressings without picture sleeve were made in Australia. The English and American promo pressings do also not have a picture sleeve.
Despite the Spanish- language title on the sleeve, the Spanish 7" also uses the standard mixed-language 3.19 edit.

Italian 'Radioactivity' single

Japanese 'Radioactivity' single

Dutch 'Radioactivity' single

Spanish 'Radioactividad' single

French 'Radioactivity' single
first reissue

French 'Radioactivity' single
second reissue

In France, 'Radioavtivity' was a huge hit in 1976. To cash in on the success, EMI / Capitol France reissued 'Radioactivity' two times as part of Greatest Hits - type series, once in 1979 with 'Les Mannequins' on the B-Side, and again in 1985 with the original B-Side 'Antenna'.


Following the release of 'The Mix' in 1991, Kraftwerk released a remixed version of 'Radioaktivität / Radioactivity. In contrast to the 1976 release, the song was available in distinctive German and English- language versions this time.
Mixes available were: Kevorkian 7" Remix (4.08), Orbit 7" Remix, Kevorkian 12" Remix (7.26) and the Orbit 12" Remix (7.23). Of these, the 7" versions were available in German also, the long mixes were available only in English.
7", 12" and CD singles were issued in Germany and England, England also had a Cassette single.

German 'Radioaktivität' 1991 single

German 'Radioaktivität' 1991 CD single

UK 'Radioactivity' 1991 Cassette single

UK 'Radioactivity' CD single

The most interesting releases of 'Radioactivity' in 1991 came from France and the US, though. EMI France released 7" and 12" promo-only singles, the 7" featuring a 'Radio Edit' timed at 4.00, cut together from the album version.
In the US, only a 12" single was made, but this had a exclusive 'William Orbit Hardcore Mix' (6.13), quite different to the other Orbit version.

French 'Radioactivity' promo 7"