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German 'Musique non stop' single

US 'Musique non stop' 12"

As the promised 'Techno Pop' album didn't meet Kraftwerk's expectations in 1984, the group took another two years remixing the album with the help of Francois Kevorkian. The result wasn't 'Techno Pop' any more, but 'Electric Cafe. As a single, 'Musique non stop' was released, a very interesting piece playing with sounds and structures rather than pop melodies. For the collector, this release does not offer all that much - the standard single was exactly the same in most countries around the world. The germansingle serves well as an example, featuring a longer edit at 4.08 minutes on side A, a shorter 3.19 edit on side B. The single was released like this in Australia, Canada, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA.
These countries released 12" singles as well, all featuring the long 6.15 minute version of Musique non stop on side A and the 4.08 minute single edit on side B. In England, a 12" promo without sleeve was issued as well. In the USA, the 7" promo had the 4.08 version on both sides. A slight variation is the US 12" single, as one cover using a needle-printer typeface on the 'Musique non stop' lettering was printed. This was switched to a sleeve using the LCD typeface used in all other countries later on.

Japanese 'Musique non stop' 12"

Mexican 'Musique non stop' 12"

Venezuelan 'Musique non stop' 12"

UK 'Musique non stop' 12"

Some countries issued only 12" singles, but it's here where some sleeve varations await the collector - the tracklisting is always the same (6.15/4.08). In Brazil, 'Electric Cafe' was promoted with a promo-only 12", in Venezuela a regular 12" was printed, but the sleeve colour is a dark violet tone. This issue also lists all track details and copyright information on the front cover.
The japanese 12" got a nice japanese-character title strip and an additional text/picture insert. There is also a whitelabel promo issue of this pressing. New Zealand got a pressing with no extras, but in Mexico, an additional spanish title was queezed in the title box - 'La musica continuara'. This was promoted with a promo-only 7" using the 3.19 Edit version on both sides.
1997 was the year of Kraftwerk's Tribal Gathering concert appearance. To promote this event, EMI UK issued a four-12" boxset - one of these 12" singles was Musique non stop. As always, the 6.15 and 4.08 versions were used, but the sleeve was a white Robot-graphic sleeve as on the other three 12". Only the titles were unique.