Sites (all open in a new window): Official site, minimal as ever, but a must to check regularly.
Kraftwerk Technopop: Best news site, get yourself on the mailinglist of this site.
Antenna Mailinglist: Most active mailinglist in english language (online reading).
Kraftwerk International Discography: Most complete discography.
The Kraftwerk FAQ: Everything you wanted to know on kraftwerk.
Aktivitšt Online: Best Fanzine in the 90's on paper and now also (partly) on the web.
Kraftwerkonline: Excellent site.
Metropolis on Informative forum.
Mats Kadmark's Kraftwerk page: Excellent site, one of the first on the web.
Kraftworld: Excellent site from my friend Nicolau.

Andreas Hagstrom: Excellent site
with lots of nice analytic articles.
The Kraftwerk Influence: Orginal site on what is the influence of the music of Kraftwerk.

Bootlegs info sites (all open in a new window):

Blanks (bootleg section)
Kraftworld (bootleg section)
Andreas Hagstrom (bootleg section)
Kraftwerk International Discography (bootleg section)
Keepwerking (bootleg section)
Kraftwerkonline (bootleg section)


p2p program "Soulseek" for more than 300GB of Kraftwerk Files
my nick is Twingo (access to users only). also visit the room "! Kraftwerk !"