NEWS 20041101: Interview twingo (and Nicolau & Marcos) with Brazilian TV Cultura Metrópolis

TV Cultura ( is a TV station in the state of São Paulo in Brazil which focusses on all kind of cultural issues. Metrópolis (what a nice name that is) is a the program which airs on weekdays from 22:00-22:30 and their reporter approached some fans of Kraftwerk in order to talk on their passion for Kraftwerk. The fans are: Nicolau Centola (, Marcos Vicente ( / and twingo ( This all as warmup for the Kraftwerk concert in São Paulo on Friday 5 November 2004 (during TIM Festival)

Metrópolis will have two evenings on which they will focus on Kraftwerk:
- the first on Wednesday 3 November in which they will transmit the interview with the 3 fans.

- the second on Friday 5 November they will transmit live from the TIM Festival area.

(update: screengrabs website 1&2; streams from website 56k&150k and as http download 56k&150k or as .zip)

Photos and screen grabs will follow after the interview being transmitted, but here is already a photo of us and the Metrópolis interview team:

twingo (and Nicolau & Marcos), 01/11/2004 (updated 04/11/2004)