NEWS 20040611: Bittorrents on

Not all of these bittorrents might still be seeding, since some of them are already more than 1 month old.

19710422: Germany Truckstop Gondolero, Videoclip by Bootyac, not a best copy (no DVD rip!)
20040316: UK Glasgow Academy, full 3.2GB DVD by nfofreako
20040423: Canada Toronto Ricoh Colliseum, 2CD by Burnboy

20040501: USA Indio Coachella, 1CD 2nd and slightly worse recording (but stereo) by Bob Fiely
19911107: UK Glasgow Barrowlands, 2CD by Dreamtime

20040501: USA Indio Coachella, 1CD 1st and best recording (however not much stereo)
by BoldCaptain