NEWS 20060402: Kraut und Rüben screenshots

The German Television WDR broadcasted on 16th of March 2006 an interesting documentary on the electronic part of German Rock music. Some remarking Kraftwerk items were shown.

Below are some screenshots from each item. The screenshots were taken with PowerDVD from the original MPEG2 stream from the satelite channel (768x576 resolution)
(note: screenshots in each item not necesarily in original order)

2006 Title page TV documentary


1970 Organisation Ruckzuck

This footage of the Zweites Essener Blues und Rock Festival.
The concert was given on 25/04/1970 in Essen in Germany in the Grugahalle (add here).
Next to Ralf (his hands on the keyboard only) and Florian some more unknown band members are shown.

1970 Kraftwerk Ruckzuck

Very nice footage.


1971 Kraftwerk Ruckstoss Gondoliere

This footage from 22/05/1971 in the Beatclub Bremen Germany Program.
Full footage also available on DVD.


1973 Kraftwerk Studio Performance

This footage was broadcasted earlier, however this version has some previously unshown shots.


1975 Kraftwerk Radioactivität Promo

Promo for Radioaktivität.


1978 Kraftwerk The Robots Rockpop ZDF TV

This footage from the Rockpop ZDF TV performance on 01/04/1978.


1991 Kraftwerk The Robots Promo

Promo for the Robots/DieRoboter single.