NEWS 20060108: Notebook - Stage setup

The notebook edition of the Minimum Maximum DVD includes a great book.
The book shows a wide range of photos, from concerts to photoshoots, but also some nice graphics.
On the last page there is also apicture of the stage setup, with numbers 1-11 and some short text as an explanation. Below is this picture shown:

The text is labelled "TECHNIK"

1 Curtain truss (curtain track not shown)
2 Screen frame (15.80m x 4.00m)
3 Projection screen
4 Black masking to avoid LED striplights to spill light on projection screen (mounted drape clams to low chord of screen frame)
5 Upstage floor LED striplights
6 LED striplights mounted underneath main band riser
7 Band main riser (8.00m wide, 2.00m deep, 0.40m high / Covered with grey carpet / 0,30m High greay carpet skirting / Gap between skirtinh and stage floor is backli by LED strips underneath riser
8 Projection screen skirting illuminated by upstage floor LED strips
9 Front curtain (2.00m x 6.00m high, 10.07m wide cyc material)
10 Projector underhung from downstage truss
11 Downstage light + Projection truss